Saturday, August 20, 2011

Clinical Utility

Photograph by Cor Jaring
From - De Amsterdamse haven ( The port of Amsterdam )
Image taken from Stone Island Shadow Project Fall 11

The Stone Island Shadow Project is in my opinion one of the most exciting things happening in menswear at the moment. Street style infused with technology and fashion.
Luc Vleugels - I See You

I had the pleasure to work with Luc Vleugels over a period of 4 years whilst living in Belgium. He helped change my opinion of the " stylist " which to be honest up to that point had remained that they were a recent invention brought about by designers making unnecessary mistakes. He is not only an amazing artist, stylist, designer and conceptualist but also an honest and very like able person. If you get the chance check out his book " I See You ".
Anish Kapoor
Non Object ( Pole )
Street Shot
 New Asian Kraftwerk
Michael Borremans - The Feeding 2006 ( From - Eating the beard )
Michael Borremans is currently one of the most influential artists to emerge from Belgium and his work spans a wide range of mediums including painting, drawing and film.
Metropolitan Museum New York - Armour
Image taken from Stone Island Shadow Project Fall 11
Neck plate, scarf or collar?
Storefront for Art and Architecture - New York
Street Shot
The new duffle?
Below taken from Wikipedia

There are many varying styles to the duffle coat, although the most common British style would be composed of the following features:
Made of genuine Duffel, lined with a woolly tartan pattern.
A hood and buttonable neck strap
Four front wooden or horn toggle-fastenings (known as "walrus teeth") with four rope or leather loops to attach them to.
Two large outside pockets with covering flaps.
It should be three-quarter length.
The wooden toggle-fastenings were made to be easily fastened and unfastened while wearing gloves in cold weather at sea. Current designs have toggles made of buffalo hornwood or plastic. The oversized hood offered enough room to wear over a Naval cap. After rain, a duffle coat has a characteristic smoky smell.
Metropolitan Museum New York - Armour
I was particularly drawn to the different patterns on either side of the helmet.
Image taken from Stone Island Shadow Project Fall 11
Pharmacy Sign
Amazing colour

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