Thursday, May 26, 2011


Along my journey within the realms of menswear I have discovered that there are three ways to build a collection. This I call the " TAO " of The Sparkyman. This " TAO " can be appllied to all aspects of design, whether it be fashion, industrial, graphics or architecture.

This " TAO " consists of " True " meaning " True Inspiration ". Whether you are stranded in the Jungles of Thailand or under the hood of a vintage Corvette. Being inspired from the source. A spark of an idea generated from a completely foreign place unrelated to your field of design. Then translated into a form or another idea.

This is T for " True ".

The next is " Archive " meaning historical reference. Looking back and being inspired by medieval armour or by a pair of denim dug up from a mine shaft in Colorado. Using the archival literally or to ignite another idea. Mastering the historical and learning how to translate these messages from the past is an art in itself.

This is A for " Archive ".

The last is " Opportunity " meaning to identify opportunities in the market place. This is the third building block most closely associated with business. Constantly looking and investigating the area of design of your choice. Identifying what you perceive to be opportunities that you can use for your own ends and like a magpie swooping down and picking it up. A successful magpie knows how to keep his eyes wide open and how to not miss an opportunity.

This is O for " Opportunity ".

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mad Hatter

What a nice chap! Asked him for a pic and he was only too pleased too oblige. I was drawn to the great oversized woolen hat and work/truck shirt combination. I can only imagine the swathes of rock hair under that reggae tipfer!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Stripy Feather

This is a photo I took last year but I think this chaps look is timeless. The 3/4 length sport top combined with the skinny's, socks and sandals is in my opinion a look all of his own. What I was most drawn to though was the Navajo feather earring in his left ear, totally unexpected.

Macca Serra

I love this picture of Macca, I love this drawing by Serra. The play of black and white, linear and geometry is really cool. There seems to be a symmetry between the two images. Macca as the tortured artist, the distorted depth of Serra's drawing.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

White Rose

A modern day scarlet pimpernel. The way he's teamed the military with the Victorian is very interesting.  I also like his accessory, the "White Rose".