Monday, June 27, 2011


Barber shop hair, Biker gang beard, Lennon glasses, Hipster Tank and Serious Ink. Need I say more?

Friday, June 10, 2011

Boot Lace Fedora

At the moment, hats are all around. Men in New York, whether it be preppy, hipster or skater are wearing them. I was particularly taken with this chaps hat, which had a rather fetching boot lace construction where the usual fedora band would be. The fusion of footwear and headwear was interesting.

Le Chef

Check this guy having a cigarette break in Nolita. He's still at work but has found a way to not only battle the heat of the kitchen but also to bring his own personal touch with his uniform. I think chef's and chef's attire is very inspirational. Especially when fused with something else. Perhaps this guy is also a bicycle courier, festival roadie or just a frustrated Williamsburg poet hipster trying to make ends meet.

Hipsta Barista II

This is Juan from Macaron, who makes the best cappuccino in the fashion district. There's nothing like seeing a friendly face first thing in the morning who knows exactly what you want without you even having to utter a word. Not only is he a fine barista but he is a very talented illustrator. Check out the tattoos on his arm, all his own work!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Nice Ink

Here is some nice ink I've seen lately that got me thinking.  I loved the placement of the  tattoo in the top image which made me think about printing tattoos on trousers. I also loved the scaly forest design which made me think about Avatar. I think a sexy Avatar men's collection could be cool.

And the bottom image made me think of the movie Papillon. If you haven't seen it, you should, Steve McQueen at his best.

Goucho Man

Here is a guy I met the other day in Nolita. A very friendly chap who couldn't help but enthuse over his suede hat that he purchased on ebay. It turned out to be from Mexico and we surmised that it was a rancheros hat. It was made from a very tough hide, probably cow and shiny in places from wear. We were also impressed by the wire inserted into the rim which helped maintain the shape. His enthusiasm for his find left me thinking that I should explore ebay more for obscurities that I could fuse into my wardrobe.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


On every corner of Manhattan at the moment there are fruit sellers. Dragging out their cart from some hidden location, setting up at some ungodly hour and standing in the sweltering heat for hours on end. If you see these guys, please buy something and show your respects, this is not an easy gig. I was particularly taken with this guys style though. The floral shirt in rich ochres and poppy reds combined with the mesh utility shirt certainly was a happy accident.

Hipsta Barista I

This is going to be the first of many Barista shots. I feel an affinity with coffee and the makers of the mighty brew. It fills me with energy, affords me time when I need it, constantly arouses my senses and generally makes me feel great. I also feel that there is a strong connection between design, designers and the little brown bean. Strong, rich, velvety, dark, nutty and smokey are all adjectives I use to describe my perfect tipple. Masculine and textural, cheeky and sensitive, smooth and fragrant are some others. 

How would you describe your perfect roast? I love you cafe au lait!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blazer & Bow

Some people just have it! I get the feeling that no matter what this chap would wear, it would look great. I love the sherbet colour accessories that don't quite match. It makes me think that he once took a trip to Hawaii and never quite got over it. Punting blazers lined with Hawaiian prints, nice!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Red Hook

Red Hook is currently one of the most inspiring neighborhoods in New York. With a full frontal view of The Statue of Liberty and a burgeoning arts and craft scene it was recently given the nick name " Residustrial " due to its mix of industrial sites and eclectic arty types. It is a heavy blend of disused dockyard machinery, chic boutiques and health conscious sunday joggers.
I spent this Sunday afternoon trekking around Red Hook taking photos of the area. The guys at the top just spent the afternoons chilling in their hangout which was a treasure trove of american memorabilia and old Chevys. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Luftwaffe Courier

The streets of New York are treacherous and every corner paved with a potential hazard. That's why this guy has the right idea, even when it is touching 90 degrees. Customized leather crops with World War II insignia crossed with tribal jewelry and german military helmet.

Studded Shoes

What a stud! I loved this pair of DIY customized armor shoes. The vintage chimney sweep bucks combined with medieval blacksmith hardware.

The Scream

One Man and a bic!